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A few recent sketches+News

Posted by TheFabs - April 19th, 2019

Just thought I'd keep Newgrounds followers updated on some kinda recent sketches.

Also, I'll be starting a Patreon soon, as I'll be reigniting my animation and finally continuing work on The Finger Eater Chapter 2.

I really don't know how many people actually care about an episode 2 at this point, but I want to do it for my own entertainment and passion for the story and characters, the fans who've stuck with me, and for the people that have lent me their voice talents.

It's going to be bigger, scarier and more detailed than I could have ever imagined back in 2015 when I made episode 1. And a bit more expensive, too. U o U

I've come a long way I think, but of course still have a lot of room to improve. I want to really take art and music seriously and not just have it be a hobby. I've worked very hard to improve my art and music skills and that will all play into making this episode as good as it can be.

TFE is not the one-off story I originally intended it to be back when I first started work on it. I've created a world now and put characters and events in it that I truly care about. The first episode could still be a one-off thing. It delivers a simple message, easy to digest and has just enough mystery to keep it kinda creepy and open-ended.

But the more I worked on episode 2, the more I realized I wasn't just continuing the series for the sake of having more content, I was really starting to get passionate about it all. I wrote a giant detailed script, talked about it with voice actors and friends, added MORE to the script and made more drafts to perfect it, made storyboards, worked on character designs in a more refined and appealing style that fits my tastes better, created a melancholic "pop" song with Caxx ( https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/767660 ) for one of the main characters, Alice, to sing in the episode, as she's a famous singer in this world - and I went on and on with great excitement all the way.

Life and other collaborative projects put a hold on the process for a while. Now I'm diving back in.

TLDR: The Finger Eater became a lot bigger.

I hope you'll join me on this adventure in finishing the episode by considering Patreon support, when the time comes. If not, I appreciate you just checking out my stuff anyways.





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Good stuff.

when i see a post from you, i'm full of hapiness~