Music Channel

2013-05-16 23:38:35 by TheFabs

Hello hello.

Just wanted to make a post about my new music only channel on Youtube!

If you care, you can check it out here:
(U should subscribe or something)

If you don't really care for my music, then ignore this post!!
Sorry there's only one song up right now. I'll be getting much more up throughout the week.

Basically I made it to get a little more publicity for my music.
After I finish Unfortunate Girl: TWO pt. 2, I'll be taking requests for custom music for cartoons/games/whatever. I'll finally have time to do that kind of stuff.

So this music channel should be a better reference for the kind of music I'm up to do for stuff, as I'll be uploading most of my work to this channel rather than Newgrounds from now on. I'll still upload stuff here, but just less significant stuff...I guess.

ANYWAY Point is I'll be taking requests to do music for your animations or games or whatever. Just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you when I get some free time.


Music Channel


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2013-05-17 00:28:44

I thought Youtube was for vidya?

TheFabs responds:

they are vidyas!


2013-05-17 00:31:21

Thanks for updating me, I may have some request later.
I've been looking for some new artist to work with XD


2013-05-17 02:05:39

Newgrounds is a very supportive community. If you got stuff on YouTube, we'll find it.
Don't hold back on submitting any of your music here, even if you don't get a commission. some game/video producer might stumble upon one of your works, and BAM, another couple hundred fans :)
The NG tumblr site is very nice, ever consider an e-presence there?


2013-05-17 11:33:09

Awesome, when I'm in need of some musak I'll consider you!