Unfortunate Girl TWO pt. 2

2013-08-31 04:55:16 by TheFabs

The next Unfortunate Girl will be submitted to Newgrounds either this Monday or Tuesday.

Hope you all like it!

Unfortunate Girl TWO pt. 2


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2013-08-31 05:04:14

we will check


2013-08-31 05:20:12



2013-08-31 07:29:15

yeahh finally.


2013-08-31 08:17:17

I'm sure I'll like it.


2013-08-31 09:08:42

looking forward to it!


2013-09-01 06:02:15

Needs moar Iris.


2013-09-06 11:19:33

In your author comments, you wrote: "I understand this is a little too slow paced for the general Newgrounds population, but I decided to still upload it here because this is where the series began.
As long as SOME people seem to like it, I'll keep em coming."

Well, so far it has over 4000 views, a great score, daily second (almost daily first) - seems like MANY people seem to like it :)
So please, keep 'em coming, will ya?


2013-09-14 15:58:30

It's amazing. I like the way you animated your story. And I have to say the song you made for it may appear in a Silent Hill that it would not surprise me.
I loved the song, very emotional, and dark at the same time. But not too dark.. It's... Like.. I mean.. The title.. Window... Well. The song is great.