FEMALE voice actress requests and stuff

2013-10-14 03:57:02 by TheFabs

I've been very needy lately, and I'm sorry if this comes off as annoying!! Just tryin to get this writing and casting process of this next Unfortunate Girl episode finished up. I humbly request a FEMALE voice actress!

NOW It's a kinda big part for the episode, as she is a completely new character and she's in the very first scene. Her name is Eevny. The thing that is going to be sorta tough about doing her voice is she's only 8 years old, and I'm, admittedly, very annoyingly picky when it comes to kid voices. For this sorta series, I need something convincing, something that actually sounds like an 8 year old girl, not the cliche anime little girl voice that everyone can tell is just an adult woman doing a high pitched voice, ya know?

If you think you can pull this off, PLEASE let me know!! I would really appreciate it!

If you're interested, feel free to comment or send me a PM with a voice demo, ORRRR if you really want to show me what ya got, PM me and let me know if you want some lines from the script and I'll send em your way and you can send me an 'audition' of you doing the lines? Any of these methods work, really.

Please and thank you!

Here's the last full episode I've done if you're not familiar with the series

ALSO thanks so much for all the interest in my last request for male voice acting in this next episode of Unfortunate Girl. You all gave me a HUGE amount of voices to choose from, and I'm still trying to decide who will be perfect for the parts as I finish up writing the episode. I will be sending some PM's out soon!


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2013-10-14 04:52:09

if you ever need a deep russian voice just give me a pm ;)


2013-10-14 07:06:00

Have just sent you a private message :)


2013-10-14 13:24:27

Sending you a PM right now.


2013-10-14 14:32:32

I can't use the forums


2013-10-14 15:17:56

I'd like to hear an adult male voice an 8-year old girl.


2013-10-14 16:13:29



2013-10-14 21:08:58

What if I dress up like a girl while I am doing the voices?


2013-10-15 08:39:22

Really nice job :D

However, due to damned trucks out on my road I could only hear half of it - how about subtitels to enable / disable per hotkey ? :D