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really great

I love it.

Welcome to NG and god yes the steve brule animations are great

Really really great art and animation. Very cute.
For such a short runtime, you managed to put a lot of personality and craftsmanship into this. Nice use of sound, too. You took a bit of a cliche (little kid in bed at night, hears noise and sees something in his/her room) and put a cute twist on it. Nice!

Atmospheric, nightmarish, and creepy. Very well done! The scribbly animation made for a very manic mood...everything was just constantly moving. It was very cool. The sound was really well done, it added a lot to the cartoon. Little details like the reflection of the doll in the mirror made this extra special. Really great work here!

Very creative!! Very meta......wo........
I thought that dang breathing head thing at the end was pretty creepy! Nice FBF here, as well. And well done on the lighting. I've always liked when inanimate things somehow are alive and horrific. Good stuff dude!

I read the description. Great concept! Really cool animation and art style. A very original idea, executed very well for such a short runtime. This had a lot of personality, and I really liked it!!

Comick responds:

Hey thanks a ton for giving Skitzo a watch and glad you liked it too! I appreciate it :)

I really really liked this...all the way up until that ending haha. I DID think it was funny, don't get me wrong! And I appreciate the joke. I was just totally in the zone of creepy and loved how much personality the cartoon had, and was soooo totally hoping it wasn't going to end with a meme or big joke! But I can't fault you too much on it, you did your own thing and it was done well. Good work!

olive6608 responds:

Yeah the last ting I came up with was the ending. I just want sure what direction I wanted to go for. I was on the fence with going for a funny thing or something actually scary, but thanks for your feedback!

Wow! First of all, that scratching was giving me some major ASMR. I'm a freak. Anyway.
This FBF was great, especially for the time crunch. The art style was very appealing, and the colors and textures were nice to look at. You built up some great suspense here. You didn't just jump straight to the 'spook', you featured multiple attempts at stopping the scratching, building up the tension. Also, this was very relatable for me, because I USED TO HAVE MICE THAT SCRATCHED LIKE THAT. Drove me crazy. Anyway, I also really appreciated the lack of a jump scare. I witnessed what the scratching was after a nice buildup, you let it just soak in, with all its simplicity. Respect. So, nice job, dude!

AntonM responds:

Thanks for the praise, Fabs! Really appreciate it

Cool! Little animated trailers by artists are always welcome in my book.

Parimak responds:

Thanks Fabs! ;)

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