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TheFabs's News

Posted by TheFabs - April 19th, 2019

Just thought I'd keep Newgrounds followers updated on some kinda recent sketches.

Also, I'll be starting a Patreon soon, as I'll be reigniting my animation and finally continuing work on The Finger Eater Chapter 2.

I really don't know how many people actually care about an episode 2 at this point, but I want to do it for my own entertainment and passion for the story and characters, the fans who've stuck with me, and for the people that have lent me their voice talents.

It's going to be bigger, scarier and more detailed than I could have ever imagined back in 2015 when I made episode 1. And a bit more expensive, too. U o U

I've come a long way I think, but of course still have a lot of room to improve. I want to really take art and music seriously and not just have it be a hobby. I've worked very hard to improve my art and music skills and that will all play into making this episode as good as it can be.

TFE is not the one-off story I originally intended it to be back when I first started work on it. I've created a world now and put characters and events in it that I truly care about. The first episode could still be a one-off thing. It delivers a simple message, easy to digest and has just enough mystery to keep it kinda creepy and open-ended.

But the more I worked on episode 2, the more I realized I wasn't just continuing the series for the sake of having more content, I was really starting to get passionate about it all. I wrote a giant detailed script, talked about it with voice actors and friends, added MORE to the script and made more drafts to perfect it, made storyboards, worked on character designs in a more refined and appealing style that fits my tastes better, created a melancholic "pop" song with Caxx ( https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/767660 ) for one of the main characters, Alice, to sing in the episode, as she's a famous singer in this world - and I went on and on with great excitement all the way.

Life and other collaborative projects put a hold on the process for a while. Now I'm diving back in.

TLDR: The Finger Eater became a lot bigger.

I hope you'll join me on this adventure in finishing the episode by considering Patreon support, when the time comes. If not, I appreciate you just checking out my stuff anyways.





damb with a b


Posted by TheFabs - March 15th, 2019




Posted by TheFabs - December 11th, 2018

For those who may be interested just wanted to let you know that I have new art prints and enamel pins up for sale on my Etsy. Trying to get some stuff rolling and would love to know if people want more of this kinda stuff.


I'm working on new big art pieces for prints and new designs for pins in the background while I continue work on Finger Eater and doing music and sound for In the Keeper's Shadow.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll check out ma thangs.


love u






Posted by TheFabs - December 5th, 2018

I'll be more active on here with general text updates on projects and such since Tumblr is becoming even worse than it already was. I just don't wanna be on the dumb site anymore, it was just a good place to easily post big blocks of text when I needed.

Respect to NG for always remaining a place for freedom of expression.

That's it for now, love u, bye -




Posted by TheFabs - October 2nd, 2017

Dear Newground friends, please check out this new short song I made with Caxx (https://caxx.newgrounds.com/), who did the wonderful singing.




Thank you, and I hope you like it.






Posted by TheFabs - November 30th, 2016

Just beat Pokemon, will be up for battles.

Leave your code if you'd like to exchange friend codes.

Mine is:





Posted by TheFabs - November 13th, 2016


I have a new drawing.


I'm working really hard on Finger Eater 2. The first episode is getting harder and harder to look at since I've imporved my skills.

I need to update the series ASAP.


Hope you're doing well. Stay scary.





Posted by TheFabs - June 11th, 2016



Tweets by TheFabsWOW


Posted by TheFabs - March 25th, 2016

Hello friends.

I just wanted to let you all know that if you'd like to support me in making more animations, you can buy my new shirt, featuring Ruby from my recent animation The Finger Eater. 

Check it here: http://unfortunategirlstore.spreadshirt.com

Currently I'm working on about 4 projects at once, so it'll be a little bit before the next Finger Eater, but I'll be sure to update with new art and such in the meantime.

Thank you Newgrounds for your constructive reviews and support as of late. You rule ;)




Posted by TheFabs - November 14th, 2015


​Hey dudes! I figure I should give my followers an update on what I’m working on, things to come later down the road, and other stuff. I usually update in short tweets on Twitter (http://Twitter.com/TheFabsWow) but I want to just empty my brain here. This is something I haven't really done in years and it'll make me feel better knowing other people know I'm not just NOT making stuff. Anyway, obviously...this is a very long post. Feel free to skip to the things you might actually care about. Or skip it all. Dunno! Here we go.



Most of you probably know this is my main focus at the moment. This is a project that went from a short one-month-to-make-tops cartoon to keep people entertained in between Unfortunate Girl episodes like 2 years ago, to something much bigger and full of lots of little details. I’d lay in bed at night and just keep adding more and more to the story in my head until I came up with a pretty solid tale that I hope is worth all the work I’ve put, and will continue to put into it. I know exactly how this story will end, and that’s something I’ve never really got to work with before. Everything in between all the sudden becomes much easier to write.

Anyway, the first installment in this series has been out for a couple months now, and in that time I’ve been trying to improve my art, and most of all my knowledge on cinematography. I felt the 1st episode was my most cinematic looking animation yet, but I still have a lot of things to improve on. I’m mostly working on creating interesting compositions so it’s not just a straight-on shot of the characters the whole time.

I’ve also been tweaking some things in Ruby’s design just sightly. Like Unfortunate Girl, I started the series with a basic vision in mind for what I wanted the characters to look like, but the longer I worked on the animation, the more refined and confident the design became until I hit a sweet spot. Even in just watching Finger Eater part 1 from start to finish, you can see minor things change in Ruby’s design as it goes on because I got a little more confident with it, and didn’t really have time to go back and redraw every old frame to make it all have a 100% unanimous look. These minor changes in the next episode will just be things like adjusting the silhouette of
Ruby’s hair and making it look a little more natural, thinning out her lips JUUUST A TINY BIT, and just overall improving the anatomy within my drawing style.

Episode 2 will not really involve Ruby’s finger feeding unfortunately. This is probably the most exciting thing to show in the story but for the sake of developing the characters properly, I have to do a short flashback episode. I was going to do the flashback scene, and then continue where the story left off in part 1, all in the same episode. But this would take a very long time, and I’d really like to get a new episode out soon as possible. I hate making people wait months and months for these animations, so I’ll cut this episode a little short. It’ll probably be like 4 minutes? Who knows. It’s coming along though. This will probably be a trilogy.


I'd also like to bring up how awesome all the feedback here on Newgrounds has been for Finger Eater. It's been very helpful and also, most times, very encouraging and reassuring. Thanks guys.



This is a series I’m still insanely passionate about. It hasn’t had an installment in years, and that’s because my focus switched to Finger Eater. I’m making these all by myself so it takes a while. As soon as I’m done with Finger Eater though, Unfortunate Girl will be back in action. And I’m pretty damn excited to do it again. I have a new episode written, polished up and ready to be made, and another episode that’s written, but not as polished. This series is another thing taking over my brain at night when I’m laying in bed. I’m always refining ideas and characters.

My only worry is: Will people still be interested?

After such a long wait, I have no idea how many people really still care about the series. The best solution to this worry, I think, is to just make a really, really good episode. Something that, even after all these years, draws more people in and makes people wanna see what happens next, possibly even without watching the previous episodes prior. Sounds super obvious, but hey, I could come back with a really mediocre episode instead of coming back with a bang, and what’d happen then? Buncha poop, dude. Disappointment all around. At this point I can’t really rely too much on previous “success” (I use that word very lightly) of the series, so I’m gonna go for that idea for now. Just make something really good…lol. In the end, I just really like pushing myself to improve and this is just another way to do it.

I can’t wait to REALLY bring Karissa to life and really develop who she is. (Along with other characters of course.)



I recently teamed up with one of my favorite youtubers to do a collaboration video, where I’ll be animating some stuff and it’s gonna be really cool. I can’t really say much more than that at the moment but yeah!! This is also my first ever animation project I’m getting paid for, so that’s exciting. As soon as I can talk more about it, I will!



This is something I really wish I had more time for. I’d like to draw a whole lot more and build a nice portfolio for myself. Currently, I’m working 40 hours a week at a grocery store so I really have to manage my time wisely. Usually I come straight home and start animating, then it’s time for bed. There’s not much time to squeeze in a lot of polished drawings. I have to choose what I want to do with my night, draw or animate, and it’s usually animate. But I do a lot of sketches (mostly traditional recently) and I hope with time I can get good enough to where I can pop out fully rendered polished drawings much faster. Obviously, I’m working to improve my art skills every day. I’m definitely not at the level I’d like to be yet, but I’m starting to feel just a little confident with my art for the first time.

Even though I don’t have a ton of extra time these days, I’m gonna start trying to do at least one polished digital drawing a week. This’ll be a big challenge for me but it’ll also be a lot of fun so whateva.



Any music I’m making right now is going towards the Finger Eater soundtrack. In fact pretty much any music I’ve made in the last couple years has just been for my cartoons. Or at least with them in mind, since some of the tracks end up not getting used.. Once I start getting something solid for the next FE episode, I’ll post some tracks!



I know some people really REALLY hate me talking about my Patreon, and I apologize!

Basically I just wanted to say thank you!!!!!!

I’m getting $89 from 13 patrons right now and that’s totally awesome. That helps me eat!! Seriously!!!! Like I said, I work 40 hours, and even with that I still find myself being completely depleted of money after I pay my rent. Then here comes the 1st of the month, and my Patreon money comes in…and I can buy groceries! It’s seriously such a help, guys. Thank you so much.

At $200 a month, I’m going to make a comic series for An Unfortunate Girl. I’m gonna color it and everything, it’ll be legit. $200 is the amount for this because at that point I can actually take an extra day off work EVERY WEEK! More time to work on things, like a comic.

So yeah, love u all muah.


I think that’s it for now! If you read all that, dang. Thanks for caring. I might try to do updates like this more often.

All my other sites I'm active on are linked on the left side of my page here on NG if you're interested.

Thanks so much for all the support recently and have a swell day!